Friday, July 2, 2010

ATOR! Joe D'Amato Brings The Barbarics to the B-Squad

Anyone that loves European Trash Cinema loves the filmography of Joltin' Joe D'Amato. He cranked out all kinds of oddball genre films-and when they took up the swords and spun the sorcery the hero ATOR was created.  Knock him if you please, but I love these threadbare flicks.  We'll look at them all, but lets start the weekend with the first film.  Sabrina Siani alert!!

And this is just the first film!


  1. God how I love the ATOR films. Even that crazy Mattei one kicks ass! I really would love a Blu-Ray boxed set of the entire run with extras and interviews. Seriously- what the hell else is Miles O'Keefe doing these days? Somebody interview that guy!

  2. I always loved the Ator movies when I was growing up. Would love to see them again.

  3. All this Ator love does me good, I dig 'em as well. Perfect mix of trash and barbarians for a Saturday afternoon.