Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Barbarians-Deodato Brings The Beef!

When you say Ruggero Deodato to me I think of Cannibal Holocaust, the amazing KILLER PHONE VS. CHARLOTTE RAMPLING masterwork DIAL:HELP or Atlantis Interceptors or...well, lots of things. Outside of his dabbling in Peplum very early on, I don't think of Barbarians. Well, that has changed. 
You have to love the first 20 minutes of this film. Gore! Violence! Action! Richard Lynch as an evil wizard! Cool Masked Warriors! Floggings! Training Scenes!  This is good fun Neo-Peplum with lots of head banging and muscle flexing.  And then...well, I still love it, but your miles may vary.
After a traveling circus holding twin boys Kutchek and Gore is captured by the evil Kadar the film chronicles the boys rise to being GIANT dudes that love to fight. After being kept apart and made to fight, they quickly recognize each other and team up for adventures and running about while calling each other BONEHEAD!  Monsters fall, sexy evil women abound, sexy good gal women abound and the brothers argue over everything along the way.
Welcome to Cimmeria, NJ (or The Hyborean Shore) once the Barbarian Brothers start talking. The film switches gears multiple times, bouncing between comedy and action with the kind of ease that makes me a fan of European Trash Cinema.  I found both elements very satisfying and this is like eating an ice cream cone as big as the beefcake brothers pecs...filling, maybe a bit too sweet, but it is still ice cream. I'll eat it til I explode.

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