Thursday, June 17, 2010

Welcome to the B Side of Barbarism and Brutality!

I've long been fascinated by "the others" in my favorite genres-and as a long time fantasy reader and film fan I've seen an insane amount of Off Brand Barbarics.  Don't get me wrong, I love Robert E. Howard and his mighty men of action.  I enjoy the classics, but nothing...and I mean finer for me than the flipping over a gaudy cover, reading a breathless synopsis of something that sounds LIKE a scintillating sword and sorcery novel, only to discover that the insides are more bizarre than expected. And it doesn't stop with books. Comics have had their share...and I've long delighted in the Neo Peplum / Post Pop Conan era of Eurotrash Cinema. 

I admit, I'm no expert on this subject, but I'm looking forward to digging up exciting images, strange synopsis and even some raging reviews of the fantasies you did not know you had...on THE B-SIDE BARBARIANS.

And here is the picture that started it all...thanks to Bruce Grossman of BOOKGASM!
With all this in front of me I expect to be swinging my sword for a long time...hacking through some hacked out blissful Barbarian Bashing.  Bring on Blade. Bring on Ator.  Bring on the gore!!

Also, if any barbaric scholar has a favorite series they would like to share images from or reviews of, please feel free to pass them along to me at
Stay shirtless!

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