Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SEEK Books...and you shall find them!

Just a brief break from Barbarism and Brutality to share a recommendation. Located about 20 minutes from my home is SEEK BOOKS, which is a virtual Wheel Of Pain for me to decide what to spend my limited allocation of BrutalBucks on.  Now, there are lots of bookstores online, but being around these books is something I enjoy as much as reading them. Every spine glance reveals a surprise and I have a long "short list" I'll be working on. On Father's Day I picked up the THONGOR series and can't wait to get back and hit the bricks n' mortar again when I can. 
Check out Brad's website, and definitely give the "About Us" section a read. It contains one of the best reasons to shop in the store if possible right here..."10. I encourage browsing and you can spend hours here and not buy and it won't get you a sour look, only a "come back again."
You can't put a price tag on that.  Add the fact that the owner knows, and LOVES, these titles and can help you find not only what you are looking for, but things you know nothing about, is a great bonus.  You can work with them on the net as well, and I bet you'll be pleased.  Join the Facebook group and you even get a discount!
So, if you live anywhere near the Boston area, get your directions and head on down. On top of that, you'll find a nice variety of food will keep you sustained as you take a lunch break and then start staring in awe at the collection of the first 100 DAW titles. 

Onward Barbarians...more brutality coming your way...lets SEEK out something truly weird and wonderful!

My hand must have been shaking to make the picture blurry, but this is just BLADE books...seriously.

Neat! Tidy! Still Barbaric! Ahh....I love it!

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