Thursday, July 1, 2010

Going BALZAN to the wall...and putting the sword to the Pussy(cats)!

The Lyle Kenyon Engel factory brings us another fun Burroughs styled adventure as "The Tarzan Of Outer Space" battles cat men in the BALZAN series.  Even better, author Wallace Moore is comics maestro Gerry Conway!  Doesn't this just scream out for a comics adaptation circa the 70s??


  1. I found a copy of the second Balzan book a year ago and have yet to read it. I must have the first one! I can only make myself read series like this in order. It's a disease.

  2. I know Rod, I loved the first Richard Blade and have already resigned myself to buying 36 more.
    I can't believe how that looks when I type, but it is true.